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As a resident of SixSenses Resort, you will automatically become a member of one of the city’s most exclusive resort clubs, the Club Le Pav.

Club Le Pav offers about 60 amenities within SixSenses Resort and Bay Garden Club’s amenity deck.  With endless summer now within your grasp, it is so easy to create memories  that last a lifetime. At Club Le Pav, your days find perfect harmony.

The Six Senses Resort is designed and master planned with all the convenient and comfort features you’re looking for a new residential space.  It is made with your security and protection in mind with the 24/7 security system in place. The developer has made sure that you will achieve peace of mind choosing the resort-style property.

For fitness seekers and individuals who want to stay on top shape, lose weight, build stamina or develop endurance, there is a fitness gym in the property.  That said, you could imagine the convenience and comfort of living in a property that lets you exercise at your own time and pace without having to rush to the gym.    You don’t also have to go out the place to hit the nearest gym when the weather is unforgiving. Instead, simply go to the fitness center in the premises for your cardio and weightlifting exercises.

For recreation and relaxation, there are swimming pools in the property.   Adult pool and children’s pool are right in the comforts of the premises. With such, you and your family can spend an afternoon or a weekend of fun, quality time and entertainment.  At Six Senses, you can feel as if you’re living in a resort every day.  You don’t have to spend on fuel or gas to travel and hit the nearest resorts in other provinces and towns.

Speaking of fitness, there is also a concrete jogging path in the property.  It is one of the best features that Federal Land has included in the master planning of this community because they want the residents to live not only a luxurious way of life but a healthy one too.   When buying a property, health and wellness must be one of those to consider achieving a well-lived and healthy life with the whole family.

The property also has a game room where children and adults alike can spend time together and play. New friends and neighbors can also spend quality time in this place and develop nurturing relationships.  Regarding building camaraderie, there is also a basketball court in the property. It lets people who love to play hoops enjoy their favorite sports with new friends or with family members.

The Six Senses Resort also has a retail area, where to buy goods and various items you need.   In addition to these cool features, there are function rooms in the residential place. These spacious and elegant venues are where community gatherings, meetings and important celebrations can be held.

There is also a daycare center in the community. It is one of those that busy mothers and fathers alike are looking for when finding a new property in the metro.  With their busy schedules, it makes them feel good to know about a daycare center to take care of their kids.

Investing at Six Senses Resort, residents can experience the luxury and comfort of spending a vacation right in their homes daily.   If you want to live in a strategic location with everything you need within reach, then Six Senses is for you. Chat with us today!


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