What is the front desk person at a hotel called

What is front desk in hotel?

The front office in the hotel industry, also called the reception area, which the receptionist is the one who get in touch with the customers, most importantly, confirm their reservation and answering their questions.

What are the job titles in a hotel?

The following is a list of some of the most common job titles within the hospitality industry.

  • Concierge. A concierge interacts directly with customers, providing them with various services. …
  • Event Planner. …
  • Executive Chef. …
  • Hotel General Manager. …
  • Housekeeper. …
  • Porter. …
  • Waiter/Waitress.

Who is a receptionist in a hotel?

A hotel receptionist takes bookings, checks guests in and out of the hotel, allocates rooms and keys, and is the main point of contact between the guests and the staff.

What is the role of front office assistant?

Front Office Assistants perform day-to-day administrative tasks in office environments, ranging from medical facilities to big corporations. They schedule and confirm appointments, direct incoming calls, and welcome visitors. They may also be required to handle basic inquiries and sort mail.

What are the basic activities of front office?

Following are the most basic responsibilities a front office can handle.

  • Creating guest database.
  • Handling guest accounts.
  • Coordinating guest service.
  • Trying to sell a service.
  • Ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Handling in-house communication through PBX.

How many employees work in a hotel?

The amount of the staff engaged in hotel activity largely depends on the status of the hotel. According to the recommendations of the World Tourist Organization, the optimum number of staff per 10 rooms in three star hotel – 8 person, in four star hotel – 12 person, in 5 star hotel – 20 person.

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What is the most important department in a hotel?

Major Departments of Hotel and their work

  • Front Office.
  • It is the most important department of the hotel. …
  • Food and Beverage Service.
  • Housekeeping.
  • This department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining hotel premises which include public area, guest rooms, lobby, swimming pool area etc. …
  • Food Production.

What is considered hospitality experience?

The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation. It includes hotels, restaurants and bars.

What are the qualities of a hotel receptionist?

You’ll need:

  • customer service skills.
  • sensitivity and understanding.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • the ability to work well with others.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • administration skills.
  • the ability to understand people’s reactions.

How can I be a good hotel receptionist?

10 Traits of a Great Hotel Front Desk Agent

  1. Empathetic and Caring. When guests approach the front desk to check in, they may be tired from their travels. …
  2. Willing to Go Above and Beyond. …
  3. Ability to Anticipate Guests’ Needs. …
  4. Engaging and Inquisitive. …
  5. Calm, Composed. …
  6. Always Smiling. …
  7. Knowledgeable about the Local Area. …
  8. Resourceful.

Is receptionist a stressful job?

Being a receptionist who has to greet in-person callers, as well as answer the telephone whilst dealing with the back office and also respond to emails is a task we aren’t physically made for. We know that, and so the inherent nature of the job is bound to be stressful.

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What is front office job description?

Front Office Duties and Responsibilities

Greet clients and set a positive office atmosphere. Answer the phone, take messages, and redirect calls to appropriate offices. Organize and maintain files and records; update when necessary. Create and maintain updated documents and spreadsheets.

What skills do you need to be a front desk?

Front Desk Resume Skills

  • Customer Service.
  • Courteousness & Professionalism.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Data Entry.
  • Time Management Skills.
  • Guest Reservation System.
  • Technical Skills.
  • Point of Sale (POS)
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