What is the closest hotel to fenway park

What is the area around Fenway Park called?


How close is Fenway Park to downtown Boston?

3 miles

How far is Copley Square Hotel from Fenway Park?

5104 feet

How far is Omni Parker House from Fenway Park?

2.7 mi

What is the lone red seat at Fenway Park?

The lone red seat in the right field bleachers (Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21) signifies the longest home run ever hit at Fenway. The home run, hit by Ted Williams on June 9, 1946, was officially measured at 502 feet (153 m) – well beyond “Williamsburg”.

Is it safe to walk to Fenway Park?

The Red Sox and historic Fenway Park are worth experiencing if you have the chance, but avoid walking around the surrounding area late at night, especially on your own. The bars in this area can get rowdy, and public neighborhood gardens called the Fens can attract homeless individuals and crime.

How far is Boston Park Plaza from Fenway Park?

1 miles

What is the best way to get to Fenway Park?

The absolute best way to get to Fenway is to take the subway (known locally as the “T”) to Kenmore Square off the Green Line. Make your way to the Park Street station and you can take any train on the Green Line except for the E train.

How long is the train ride from Riverside to Fenway?

approximately 35 min

What is allowed in Fenway Park?

Bags, Containers and Coolers

No bag or item larger than 16″x16″x8″ will be permitted inside the Park. Hard-sided coolers and glass containers are not allowed.

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How do I buy Red Sox tickets?

For 24-hour automated ticket purchases, call 888-REDSOX-6 toll free. Tickets may also be purchased in person on game day at Gate E beginning 90 minutes prior to game time if there is availability. For sold-out games, you can often purchase Red Sox tickets via StubHub.com.

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