How to fold hotel sheets

How do you fold sheets to fit a pillowcase?

Here’s how I fold fitted sheets:

fold the sheet in half again with the fitted corners on the inside. fold the sheet in half, bringing the two corners together. fold in half again – it should be about 11”x14”, if not, fold it again. put the extra pillowcase in the sheets or on the top and slide into the pillowcase.

How do you fold a king size sheet by yourself?

How to Fold Bed Sheets

  1. Drape your sheet over your hands, holding it so that the top two corners are inside out and have a hand in each top corner.
  2. Fold the fitted sheet in half lengthwise (vertically), flipping the right top corner over the left. …
  3. Tuck the elastic corners of the fitted sheet into each other to bind the sheet in place.
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