How to call a hotel room number directly

Can you call a hotel and ask to speak to a guest?

No, they are not supposed to release guests names unless they get a subpoena. However if you call the hotel and ask for the guests name and they transfer the call, then you know the guest you are asking for is there.

How do you call front desk from a hotel room?

First, the hotel has to have room service. If there are no instructions on or around the phone then you could probably just dial ‘0’ for front desk and ask to be connected to restaurant room service.

Do hotels record phone calls?

Many modern phone systems allow call recording on a per extension basis as a standard feature or option. For hotels, this means recording of administrative extensions (not guest calls) as a viable option. … Whether or not call recording is legal and under what conditions varies from state to state in the USA.

Do hotels keep track of guests?

Hotels have always kept logs on their guests, tracking previous stays, comments and complaints, even which pay-per-view movies you ordered.

Can a hotel manager enter your room?

Generally, yes, you have a right to expect privacy in your hotel room as long as you are using the hotel room in a normal, responsible way. However, if you are engaging in anything illegal or disturbing other guests, hotel management can enter your room without your permission.

How do you respond to a guest call?


  1. Answer the telephone promptly within 3 rings.
  2. Make the caller know your work area, your name and offer appropriate greeting. …
  3. Always have pen and paper on hand, specially front desk personnel should always be ready to keep records.
  4. Listen carefully. …
  5. Make the caller feel that they have your undivided attention.
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Do hotels charge for local calls?

Remember that some hotels and motels even have the nerve to charge for toll-free calls. These calls often carry the same charge as a local call. If so, make the call from a pay phone for free.

Are hotel calls free?

Free local calls in the room and if you use long distance it’s very expensive. You’re better off to use a calling card or your cell for long distance. … if it is a local call it is free — out of the area there is a charge.

Can I take someone back to my hotel room?

Yes. You can bring people to your room whenever you want in most hotels.

Why do hotels ask for your address?

Because they need to make sure you didn’t steal anything of significance, they need to be able to track you down in case you break something, and they need your information in case you turn out to murder a hooker in the room and flee in the middle of the night. To go after you if something with the room isn’t right.

Why do hotels ask for number of guests?

When there is a price difference, it is because of the amenities. … When that happens, the hotel will either raise the rates, or discontinue amenities. The legal reason we ask for the number of guests is in case of emergency. If you have listed only 2 guests in your room, but you have 6 with you, and a fire breaks out…

What can you not do in a hotel room?

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  • Yell At The Hotel Staff. …
  • Rummage Around The Minibar. …
  • Use The Remote Control (At Least Not Without Sanitizing After) …
  • Shout Your Room Number From The Mountaintops. …
  • Sneak In Your Adorable Pets. …
  • Leave The Jewelry Out And About.
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